PS98PTA provides support and resources to PS98Q for the benefit and educational growth of the children; promotes and develops a cooperative working relationship between the parents and staff of PS 98Q; develops parent leadership and builds capacity for greater involvement; fosters and encourages parent participation on all levels; and provides opportunities and training for parents to participate in school governance and decision-making.


Executive Board of the PTA for 2018-19

Cecilia Venosta-Wiygul and Jennifer Genovese

Co-Vice President
Rebecca Corbisiero and Valerie Meskouris

Susan Aponte-Diaz

Co-Recording Secretary
Dina Argyris and Julia Dobry

Financial Secretary
Christine Kanakaris

Co-Vice Presidents of Fund Raising
Ronnie Werner and Tara McCarthy

Co-Children’s Programing
Lara Evangelista and Sonia Cangemi

Spring Gala Committee
Anna Alesci, Louisa DeRose

Atsuko Shorr



PTA Regulations: